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5 Important Reasons to Use Eidoo’s DeFi Exchange

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

5 Important Reasons to Use Eidoo’s DeFi Exchange

The decentralized exchange (DEX), or rather, the DeFi exchange space has experienced a sporadic surge in growth parallel with the collective DeFi ecosystem. In a way, DEXs are central to the functioning of DeFi. This can be seen from the figures published on DeFi Pulse, which show approximately $20 billion worth of funds (out of a total of $51 billion locked in different protocols) locked in different decentralized exchanges. In July last year, this number was just $200 million.

Total Value Locked in DEXs Year-on-Year
Total Value Locked in DEXs Year-on-Year, Source: DeFi Pulse

Observing and taking stock of the enormous market demand for DEXs, we at Eidoo also decided to integrate our native DeFi crypto exchange in the wallet app. Here are five reasons why you need to check it out right now.

One Dashboard to Manage Your Entire Crypto Asset Portfolio

With the Eidoo SWAP Service you can quite easily interact with different DeFi protocols, instantly swap your crypto assets, and manage your entire cryptocurrency portfolio right with Eidoo DeFi Exchange. Also, there's the added benefit of tracking your holdings' performance, buying more, or selling your existing crypto assets as you please.

Eidoo wallet DEX

Spot New DeFi Investment Opportunities

The market information of all cryptocurrencies keeps updating in real-time. This ensures that you don't miss out on any trade opportunity at all!

You can also check out new DeFi projects as they emerge, position your funds to invest in them accordingly. The Eidoo DeFi Exchange also allows you to compare interest rates on different DeFi lending platforms or avail of an instant crypto loan.

Partnership With Leading DeFi Protocols

To enhance the DeFi experience for traders/investors, we have partnered with leading DeFi protocols such as Maker, Compound, Aave, Bancor, Kyber Network, Balancer, Uniswap, WBTC, pieDAO, Blocknative, and yes, pNetwork!

With the specially developed Steroids integration within the Eidoo wallet, you stand to earn stellar yield farming/liquidity mining incentives by staking either PNT (our native cryptocurrency token) in the PNT/ETH pool, or pBTC (pToken version of bitcoin) in the pBTC/ETH pool, or for that matter pLTC (pToken version of litecoin) in the pLTC/ETH pool.

Eidoo wallet pLTC ETH
Eidoo wallet pLTC ETH liquidity mining pool, 04/28/2021

Top-Notch User Experience and Security

We understand that an exemplary user interface plays a significant role in elevating the application experience for you — the user.

Therefore, we have designed Eidoo DeFi Exchange as one of the best DeFi exchanges that boasts of an intuitive interface that recognizes all your crypto trading and investment preferences. All the options are responsive and fulfill your requirements appropriately. Plus, we have devoted quite a lot of time and effort to upscaling Eidoo DEX's security so that your funds remain safe and the overall experience doesn't get ruined due to hacks.

Availability on Multiple Platforms (Mobile as well as PC)

You can access the Eidoo DeFi Exchange on either your smartphone, PC, laptop, or all of them simultaneously. All you need to do is download the Eidoo DeFi wallet on your PC or smartphone (Android and iOS), post which it syncs with every blockchain network (corresponding to the tokens you hold), and updates your balances. You can use the Eidoo DEX anytime and anywhere across your digital devices.

The Eidoo DeFi exchange functions with many features and caters to both amateur and professional DeFi investors. It is a part of the entire DeFi stack that we, at Eidoo, have built over the years. It is a complete ecosystem designed to help individuals and entities store and manage digital assets.

If these aren't enough reasons to convince you to download the Eidoo Wallet to leverage our DeFi exchange platform for your crypto yield farming strategies, then feel free to hop into our Telegram community and ask the members if they enjoy the opportunities the wallet offers.

Alternatively, you can also follow us on Twitter for more updates.

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