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5 Reasons You’ll Want to Be the First to Have an eidooCARD

The launch of eidooCARD takes the Eidoo wallet to the next level. The fact that the eidooCARD is enhanced by the power of DeFi means it’s so much more than what you may have been using before.

What does the new eidooCARD mean for users?

eidooCARD gives users access to 40 million merchants across the globe!

The card can be used in brick-and-mortar shops, restaurants, or establishments, or to shop online. Just as you would with any of your other banking cards, you can also withdraw cash from supported ATMs.

The eidooCARD creates a bridge between blockchain-based cryptocurrency and mainstream spending options.

Here are the top five reasons you'll want to order an eidooCARD

1. There is no need to exchange from crypto into fiat to spend your currency

Your digital assets are available for spending automatically through this seamless integration. eidooCARD conversions are conducted using regulated stablecoins (which are less volatile), so the value of your crypto is directly converted to the same value in fiat when spending.

“It will be the first time the backend of a crypto card is done via stablecoins and DEXes.”

Nikola Tchouparov, co-founder and CEO at Moneyfold

2. Cardholders can get cashback on all purchases

The cashback denomination is given in the form of a token that represents a certain value in the cryptocurrency market. These tokens are called PNT tokens and are unlocked and ready to withdraw at any time. The cashback amount will be dependent on the tier of the card you order — up to 5% annually.

3. eidooCARD is available in three tiers — Basic, VIP, and Black — each providing different and increasing levels of benefits.

No matter which tier of card you opt-in for there are amazing benefits and rewards for shopping, leisure, and lifestyle activities. The VIP card provides rewards such as airport lounge access, flight and hotel gift cards, and Netflix subscriptions. You also get a discount on Eidoo SWAP fees!

The highest tier is customized for DeFi evangelists who also want to participate in staking for additional rewards. The upcoming Black card gives you free subscriptions to The Economist, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, and Fast Private Jet access, among other exclusive rewards. There will only be 99 Black cards available!

4. The eidooCARD links to a non-custodial wallet

Unlike some other crypto cards on the market, the eidooCARD is linked to a non-custodial wallet, which means that you retain sole ownership of your digital assets.

5. The eidooCARD has no fees, no wait time, and no hassle.

It promises the cheapest transactions and lowest commissions for crypto spending, thanks to Layer 2 settlements.

No matter which perk motivates you, with eidooCARD you can be sure to level up your DeFi. Order your card today from the Eidoo App. And don't forget to follow Eidoo on Twitter and Telegram.

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