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50 Vouchers Worth 50 € to be given to the first 50 Eidoo Card Applicants!!!

50 eidooCARD vouchers

Easter is here, and Eidoo got a surprise for you!

On 21st December 2021, Eidoo and announced a partnership that benefits Eidoo card holders when they spend on the platform. (Read more here)

Fast forward to 14th April 2022; in the spirit of Easter, Eidoo got a surprise for new cardmembers! The first 50 people to apply for any Eidoo card will receive a 50 € voucher which can be used on


Here are the steps to apply for the EidooCard.

1) Download the Eidoo App on Google or Apple Store

2) Once you have downloaded the App, open it and click on the card icon.

3) Once you have clicked the card icon, you will automatically be directed to the eidooID website to complete the KYC in about 5-10 mins. Once completed, you will have to come back to the App in the card section, where you’ll have to confirm the T&Cs and the Privacy Policy.

So once the process is done, if you are the first 50 applicants, you will receive a 50 € voucher, and you can use it on the platform.

So, what are you waiting for! Apply Now!

**Terms & Conditions on the usage of voucher**

1) Applicants that receive the voucher have till 30th April 2022, to use the voucher.

2) The booking date for the hotel and airplane can be later as long as the user uses the voucher before the expiry date, which the last day will be the 30th April 2022.

3) The promotional voucher can only be used when a user purchases a hotel booking or hotel and flight bookings. The voucher cannot be used for just flight bookings.



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