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6 Tips to Enhance Your Crypto Account Security

6 tips to enhance crypto account security

Money, in many ways, is often more than just money. Money means independence, the ability to cover necessities, insurance against unexpected events, and get compensated for work-related activities. Money is freedom. The freedom you seek to break free from traditional bank dependency—with a wallet like Eidoo.

But this freedom, as usual, comes with knowing how to protect your crypto and secure your wallet in the first place. This article will tell you everything you need to know in order to maintain your crypto safe. The most essential step is taken when you decide to use the Eidoo wallet where no one but you has control over your private keys.

Besides that, what else can you do to improve the security of your money?

Use a Strong Unique Password

This is undoubtedly the most fundamental measure you can take.

There is no point in using even the most crypto secure wallet if your password is weak. A strong password should also be different from the ones you use on other accounts.

When your password repeats across other accounts, it can get identified as a pattern in the traffic you generate on different websites and apps that are not encrypted, compromising the security to access your accounts. As for the password strength, it is generally recommended to issue one of at least eight characters, a combination of symbols, numbers, and upper and lower case letters.

Keep Up to Date With Eidoo Announcements

Reliable crypto secure wallets keep you informed about every change. This is why users are advised to follow Eidoo announcements through the usual channels. Being up-to-date will keep you in the loop regarding changes that may affect the use of your wallet, accessibility, or ongoing risks.

Use a Secure Connection

Although your funds in your Eidoo non-custodial wallet are safe with you, the risk associated with the traffic that leaks over the internet can always be minimized. Even though web traffic is generally encrypted, it is advisable to not use the wallet on public networks where encrypted traffic can be captured by others and exposed once decrypted. This case scenario is rare but avoiding it will ensure crypto secure transactions at all times.

Ensure Protection Against Viruses and Malware

It is advisable to ensure that the devices on which you use your crypto wallet are properly protected against viruses and malware that can capture sensitive information, especially passwords.

Check periodically that no suspicious services are running on your device and that the antivirus protection is activated.

Lock Your Phone

Your Eidoo wallet is protected with a crypto account verification at the time you start it. For further protection, it is recommended to set your mobile device to automatically lock after a period of inactivity in case of loss or misplacement.

Moreover, if your phone supports it, you can enable fingerprint login or Face ID on your Eidoo wallet, extending the protection against unauthorized access and password eavesdropping.

Beware Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

Social engineering attacks try to deceive the user by impersonating a company or authority and requesting sensitive data. Do not provide it under any circumstance, even to those posing as members of the Eidoo team. We will never ask for personal information.

Eidoo beware of scammers

Phishing attacks try to get hold of your crypto wallet account through a fake link. The best protection against these attacks is the certainty that no other entity than the wallet app itself should ever ask for the password. Eidoo only asks for authentication when you intend to apply for a service involving the request of the Eidoo ID, such as when ordering an eidooCARD, and this has nothing to do with the authentication of your wallet.

By following these tips, you can rest assured that your funds will be fully secure as you enjoy the freedom that Eidoo wallet gives you to be in control of your finances at your own convenience.

In any case, the rule of thumb is:

Never use the password of your crypto account login or seed phrase anywhere other than your wallet. And keep a copy of it safely offline.

This simple rule guarantees a high level of security for your Eidoo wallet. Our goal is to provide our users with utter confidence to navigate the app and all the services it offers.

If what you are looking for in a wallet is to have a way to store and use your crypto easily and securely, you don't need to go any further.

Download your Eidoo wallet now!

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