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Airport Lounges Now Available With eidooCARD

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Airport Lounges Now Available With eidooCARD

What are the benefits of not having to condition your crypto investments to fiat payments? Eidoo users understand this better than anyone else.

Many Eidoo users have experienced firsthand the advantages of living a hybrid crypto investor life with eidooCARD.

This is more evident to our cardholders from the top tiers which, in addition to offering spectacular crypto cashback rates, provide perks that can — but shouldn’t — be overlooked when choosing the crypto card that fits them best. Crypto card airport lounge access is one of these not-so-visible perks that can add a lot more to the holders’ experience, in ways that can be neither ignored nor forgotten.

To the benefits that our holders already enjoy, we would like to introduce a new one provided in partnership with DragonPass, a company that offers a completely new airport experience.

DragonPass Available to VIP, VIP+, and Black eidooCARD Holders...

DragonPass makes your waiting times at airports a much more pleasant affair through a slew of options in different membership plans. This perk, usually offered by banks — and only to private banking users — is now available to a segment of eidooCARD holders as part of our mission to provide new rewards to our users every day. tiers

With your VIP, VIP+ and Black Eidoo crypto card, lounge access to a comfortable airport venue will be granted on the spot, allowing you to enjoy services such as television, internet, workspace, snacks, and discounts for airport shopping and food. Moreover, DragonPass may be used for restaurants, bars, SPAs and more at worldwide airports.

Specifically, VIP and VIP+ cards provide access to airport lounges worldwide with up to four free accesses per year and Black cards provide a crypto lounge pass with up to ten free accesses per year.

...With No Additional Cost

With eidooCARD this service costs nothing, but if you want to acquire it directly from DragonPass, the annual subscription would cost $99 and every access would cost $31. That is to say, with the VIP and VIP+ eidooCARDs, you save $219 every year for the lounge access perk.

And if you update your tier into Black eidooCARD, crypto lounge pass savings grow up to $399.

DragonPass packages

DragonPass is present in more than 700 airports worldwide, and more than 1,300 lounges. The lounge amenities, which can vary according to every lounge, include comfortable spaces to rest, relax, drink, eat, work, and print, besides discounts on airport restaurants.

And best of all, it’s already included in your eidooCARD crypto lounge pass.

Activating your DragonPass is very easy. Just contact providing the public key associated with the card requesting the DragonPass activation.

As part of the service, the details of the benefits you are entitled to are available in the DragonPass app, which is also the best way to identify yourself to use the lounge access.

Among the benefits brought to you by your favorite crypto card, airport lounge access is just one that can make your life easier just when you need it the most. But, have you checked the rest of them?

Haven’t ordered your eidooCARD yet? No more waiting, order your eidooCARD now and join other well-rested world travelers.

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