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Be a Globetrotter With eidooCARD

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Be a Globetrotter With eidooCARD

Traveling was, is, and will always be a pleasure to people who like to experience new places, cultures, and atmospheres.

But isn’t it even better to discover the world with a trusted companion in your back pocket?

Someone or something like the eidooCARD, for example?

If you like traveling and you like to access exclusive crypto card benefits while doing so, VIP and Black eidooCARDs can take your travel experiences to the next level.

Read on to discover why eidooCARD is the best option for people like you — who hold crypto and love to travel.

You Deserve More for Using Crypto for Traveling

According to a consumer payment study from Total System Services (TSYS), 80% of customers want a new no-annual-fee card for cash back, and 33% want one for traveling.

At the same time, the crypto ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds. Moreover, the rising number of users accumulating cryptocurrencies allows them to also think about using their digital assets for travel or leisure activities.

And a crypto card with lounge access and similar perks is the perfect solution.

Therefore, we’ve designed eidooCARD to meet your needs and desires to see the world without having to accumulate excessive amounts of crypto.

What Is eidooCARD?

eidooCARD is a debit card that makes your crypto expendable. While held in your Eidoo wallet, crypto funds you own are converted into GBP or EUR, allowing you to pay for any product or service. This way, you can effectively spend cryptocurrency in any brick-and-mortar or online store that accepts VISA while having low to no fees, up to 16% crypto card cashback, and many more exclusive benefits. Also, you can withdraw money from ATMs — just as you do with a fiat debit card.

There are three types of eidooCARD (Basic, VIP, Black) with different benefits regarding crypto cashback percentage and discounts.

Aside from discounts on Netflix,, Tree-Nation, Prime Video, Dragon Pass, Spotify, The Economist, Royal Caribbean, and Fast Private Jet subscriptions, you also get crypto card cashback in all the card tiers:

  1. Basic eidooCARD: 1% crypto cashback (with no stake)

  2. Basic+: 4% crypto cashback (with 3,000 PNT staked)

  3. VIP eidooCARD: 8% crypto cashback (with 10,000 PNT staked)

  4. VIP+: 12% crypto cashback (with 25,000 PNT staked)

  5. Black eidooCARD: 16% crypto cashback (with 200,000 PNT staked).

eidooCARD crypto cashback

Use Your eidooCARD and Get Rewarded by Participating in the DAO

As you can see in the image above, depending on the eidooCARD you chose, you can stake a certain amount of PNT inside the pNetwork DAO and get rewarded. For example, if you stake 200,000 PNT for the eidooCARD VIP+, you get three benefits:

  1. 16% in crypto card cashback with qualifying purchases

  2. Voting rights in the pNetwork DAO (up to 42% in rewards for active voting)

  3. Operate a pNetwork node.

We’ve made it easy for you to engage in the pNetwork DAO governance via the Eidoo wallet dedicated feature.

Furthermore, in the future, you’ll be able to use this VISA crypto card in your Google Pay app or Samsung Pay to make instant payments on your smartphone.

Two Ways to Order eidooCARD

To order eidooCARD, Eidoo wallet users must have some ETH for network fees and PNT to burn or stake for acquiring the desired card type:

  1. Basic eidooCARD: burn 20 PNT

  2. VIP eidooCARD: stake 10,000 PNT

  3. Black eidooCARD: stake 200,000 PNT.

Note that PNT tokens are locked for seven days when staked and cannot be withdrawn during that period.

However, all crypto card stakers are eligible for DAO rewards if they actively participate in project governance. At the same time, only those who have put down a 200,000 PNT stake can also spin up their pNetwork node and earn rewards from that as well.

To order your eidooCARD, open the Eidoo wallet app and click on the card icon in the menu at the bottom:

Eidoo wallet eidooCARD

This will lead you to the section where you can choose between the three-card tiers:

eidooCARD 3 tiers

How Does the Eidoo crypto card work?

First, you need to create an Eidoo wallet account. Then you need to order any of the different types of eidooCARD shown above. Then, you need to activate the eidooCARD inside the app following the suggested procedure.

Instead of depositing cash onto the card, which might take several hours and incur costs. With the eidooCARD, you can simply deposit your crypto inside the eidooCARD wallet, and you’ll be able to spend them instantly.

Moreover, the app allows you to track your eidooCARD transactions quickly and effortlessly as you would with any other fiat or crypto card, thus enabling you to have a clear overview of your spending at all times.

eidooCARD transactions


How to Use Your eidooCARD Outside the European Union?

Currently, only Eidoo wallet users with residence in the United Kingdom and the European Union can obtain an eidooCARD debit card under the condition they have completed the Tier2 EidooID verification process. Nevertheless, any eidooCARD holder can use it in any part of the world where a VISA card is accepted.

For all you globetrotters, Eidoo has formed an alliance with DragonPass, the world's first all-in-one digital airport platform, which has acquired its reputation as a searched luxury travel service, with over 30 million subscribers with a 1300 airport lounges global network. These are the benefits for eidooCARD holders:

  1. Four trips each year to elite airport lounges across the world

  2. Discounts at over 1000 restaurants

  3. Limousine services are discounted by 5% at over 300 airports

  4. A 5% discount on Meet & Greet services offered at over 100 airports.

Join the eidooCARD program now, and lift limits off of your globetrotter experience.

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