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$DOUGH Now Available in eidooCARD Crypto Cashback

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

DOUGH Now Available in eidooCARD Crypto Cashback

As the crypto space and the intricate network of use cases grow, expanding the offerings that allow users more freedom in financial management, we are proud to say that Eidoo is not lagging behind other players on the scene.

If you are a member of our community, you know that a few months ago we introduced industry-first cashback rates rewarding eidooCARD holders with up to 16% in crypto cashback on all qualifying purchases.

Today, we are excited to announce that besides PNT (our governance token), eidooCARD crypto cashback rewards will be provided via the PieDAO token — DOUGH.

As one of our long-standing partners in the DeFi space, PieDAO was identified as the perfect project, and by extension, DOUGH as the perfect token to be listed as the first token, over PNT, that will be used to provide crypto cashback to eidooCARD users.

Making multiple cryptocurrencies available is an important step in helping Eidoo service users to diversify their portfolios — especially since these tokens will be provided for free. Thus, the eidooCARD cashback infrastructure was identified as suitable grounds for this collaboration.

Why the DOUGH Token for eidooCARD Crypto Cashback

eidooCARD crypto cashback tiers

While our current crypto cashback system affords users a choice between three eidooCARD tiers — Basic, VIP and Black — as well as five cashback levels depending on the quantity of staked PNT in the pNetwork DAO, we’ve recently recognized that our users could benefit more from access to a wider range of tokens available as rewards they can collect from active eidooCARD usage.

The PieDAO token was chosen to mark the start of this new venture because the project has already strong use cases and offers its holders a multitude of opportunities in the DeFi space.


As a true DAO-driven DeFi project, PieDAO centers its administration model around vote-escrowed DOUGH(veDOUGH) as its governance token. The only way to obtain veDOUGH is by locking DOUGH for a period of time from 6 months to 3 years. Both DOUGH and veDOUGH holders can propose new ideas, concepts and mechanisms intended to bring improvements to the PieDAO ecosystem. But only veDOUGH holders can vote on the implementation of the proposals.

The veDOUGH token grants its holders a high degree of control over the indexes and parameters of Pies, PieDAO’s tokenized portfolio allocations, as well as liquidity pool incentives, community bounties, and other initiatives designed to increase and sustain community engagement, and thus foster an ecosystem able to develop organically and cohesively over time.

Value Capture

Using custom-made infrastructure, PieDAO has the ability to charge fees on the underlying tokens inside the PieDAO pools. The collected fees accumulate in the treasury where they are at the disposal of the Treasury Farming Committee. The Treasury Farming Committee determines methods of allocating and utilizing the treasury funds to diversify assets, drive inflows, and enable the DAO to be self-sustaining.


veDOUGH holders active in PieDAO governance are then eligible to receive monthly cashflows as a reward for their contribution. These rewards come in the form of a portfolio of assets namesSLICE which only the treasury can mint. Inside SLICE you will find a combination of treasury farming yield, protocol fees and other farmed tokens.

Why Add the PieDAO Token to eidooCARD Crypto Cashback Now

Given the rapid expansion of the blockchain, cryptocurrency and DeFi ecosystem, Eidoo is always on the lookout for new opportunities to bring value to our community whether they are crypto wallet users, eidooCARD holders, active DAO members, something else, or all of the above.

It is our conviction here at Eidoo that providing access to a variety of cryptocurrencies free of charge and bringing our users closer to crypto projects with strong value propositions.

Our crypto cashback card, therefore, enables holders not only to diversify their cashback portfolio easily and effortlessly but also to grasp a rising volume of opportunities in this ever-evolving space by remaining a loyal member of the Eidoo community.

Don’t miss this opportunity — if you haven’t yet, order eidooCARD today!

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