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Earn Safely in DeFi With Eidoo's Multi-Asset Wallet

Earn Safely in DeFi With Eidoo's Multi-Asset Wallet

As the DeFi ecosystem grows, it’s becoming more complicated to keep track of the various exchanges, products, and services that we want to keep on our radar.

To make matters worse, using certain services often requires us to relinquish control of our crypto funds, and the security of our funds does not depend solely on us.

Being aware of this, here at Eidoo, we have created a DeFi wallet that allows you to access your crypto investments in BTC, ETH, and ERC-20 at any time, including several stablecoins. Among the stablecoins are, of course, pTokens and PNT tokens that allow you to stake and receive rewards within the wallet itself. This has significant advantages for being in control of your money.

Unlike many web exchanges, with Eidoo wallet, your funds are only controlled by you. With our multi-asset wallet, only you have access to your private keys, and no one will be able to block your money like in centralized exchanges.

Also, with Eidoo wallet, you will not be exposed to any risk of hacking of the exchange because as a decentralized exchange operated through the non-custodial wallet, there is no option for anyone to access your private keys anywhere other than your wallet.

For added convenience, the Eidoo’s DeFi wallet is designed to maximize usability on a mobile device. This way, you can always carry your crypto finances while being protected by your password, the EidooID, and the 12-word recovery phrase that serves as a safety measure to recover your funds in case of an emergency.

In case you’re not familiar with it, EidooID is a digital identity solution associated with your Eidoo account that facilitates ownership verification for AML purposes.

Eidoo wallet comes with a few crypto assets preconfigured when you first download it but did you know that you can add as many (supported) tokens as you want? It's a great way to configure your DeFi environment to populate your wallet with those assets you are interested in right there in your Eidoo wallet.

Setting up new ERC-20 tokens couldn't be easier. Just go to the More menu at the bottom right and choose Force token enrollment. You can add the token you want to your list of assets by referring to the smart contract address that manages the token.

Eidoo wallet force token enrollment

It is possible to perform swaps to other assets depending on the swap options that almost immediately convert one asset into another to give you the most fantastic versatility and speed.

Of course, via your Eidoo DeFi wallet, you can also manage your eidooCARD, which together with the rest of the ramp on/off options provide the most suitable toolset to make your cryptos the center of your finances.

Not just another crypto card, eidooCARD is also a great way to profit from daily spendings with the generous crypto cashback plan we’ve prepared for our users.

Finally, also included in the DeFi wallet, you can use your funds to accumulate profits from the crypto funds you own by participating in the liquidity pools available in the Eidoo wallet.

And we go on. At Eidoo, we are continuously developing more features for our DeFi platform to make usage even easier for you.

Getting started with your Eidoo wallet couldn't be easier. Download your wallet now and discover it for yourself.

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