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Eidoo Partners With lastminute.com to Offer Travel Benefits to eidooCARD Holders

Eidoo Partners With lastminute.com

The number of benefits Eidoo users can enjoy is extending in all directions! You can now make your travel plans a wholesome experience and get discounts from beginning to end.

Leading multi-currency wallet and DeFi trading platform Eidoo has secured a partnership with renowned online travel and leisure retailer lastminute.com to provide travel benefits to eidooCARD users.

Eligible cardholders will get discounts when they pay for a Hotel or Flight+Hotel via lastminute.com. Our decision to work with lastminute.com is owing to their proven track record in the travel and leisure industry.

Launching the partnership during the Christmas season is a thought-out plan to offer our loyal customers another reason to smile as they take trips and vacations with their loved ones.

Eidoo partners with lastminute.com
Source: https://www.lastminute.com/

How to Claim Your Travel Reward Benefits

The Eidoo-lastminute.com travel benefits are only available to Eidoo VIP, VIP+, and Black cardholders. If you have any of these cards, send an email from your EidooID email to support@eidoo.io with the subject “lastminute.com.”

In the body of the email, request access to the lastminute.com discount offer. Our Support Team will contact you within 14 days providing you access to the discount.

This offer is also open to new and existing members of the Eidoo ecosystem. If you don’t have a VIP, VIP+, or Black card, you can either request one of these cards or upgrade your existing Basic eidooCARD to any eligible card tier.

Basic, VIP, Black eidooCARD

Fly Around the World in Comfort and Style

We’ve been meticulous in providing our users with top-notch DeFi and traveling experiences. That’s why our travel rewards and benefits are coming on the heels of our recent partnership with DragonPass that provides Eidoo users with executive and discounted airport lounge access.

The partnership makes your waiting time at airports worthwhile, as you get to enjoy the convenience of services such as internet, workspace, television, snacks, and huge discounts on your airport shopping, allowing you to save as much as $399.

While banks predominantly offer such service to their top-tier customers, eidooCARD allows crypto users to enjoy the same benefits without dabbling with fiat currencies.

What’s more exciting than gaining access to executive airport lounge experience, if not paying less for the experience? These perks and many more set Eidoo in a league of its own, giving you more reasons to stick with the DeFi brand that cares.

You can capitalize on the perks of the DragonPass partnership while claiming up to 100 EUR/GBP on travel bookings via our new deal with lastminute.com and getting a crypto cashback of up to 16% on the remaining amount while paying with your eidooCARD.


Eidoo wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas celebration and a prosperous New Year.

Are you missing out on all these benefits because you don’t have an eidooCARD yet? You can order one right away! Order one now to make the most of your traveling experiences.

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