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eidooCARD New Cashback Program

Eidoo has revised its cashback program for eidooCARD This first year and a half for eidooCARD have been great. We have steadily increased the number of cardholders, processed transactions, and monthly volumes. In order to maintain this growth rate and keep the cashback program as sustainable as possible, we have revised the cashback program.

Starting from 28th September 2022 at 3PM CET, we would like to inform all current and future cardholders of eidooCARD that Eidoo will update the tiers of the eidooCARD as follows:

*For GBP cardholders the cap amount are capped in Euro value as shown in the table above* Since 2017, Eidoo has prioritized the sustainability of its products in the long term, and this update of the eidooCARD tiers is consistent with our core values. Even after the changes, when looking at competitors, it is clear how the eidooCard still provides the highest cashback rates. Moreover, the distribution of the perks will stay the same as before. Cardholders still get to enjoy benefits such as Airport Lounges, rebates on Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and many more.


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eidooCARD Website:



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