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Enjoy Your eidooCARD With Your pTokens

enjoy your eidooCARD with pTokens

The modern economy defines the value of things explicitly, through price. However, price is relative, fickle, and sensitive to many variables. In a way, price is rather a measure of scarcity. Moreso, the origin of something’s value is dependent on its utility and the way we interact with it. For this value to be economic and generate demand and price, a commodity needs to have its utility in use.

Now, what has all that to do with pLTC and pBTC tokens? This seemingly unrelated clarification is not only important to start off the conversation but also to understand why the utility of tokens makes a digital asset more valuable and stronger in the ecosystem.

Without proven evidence of real utility, a crypto project wouldn’t be able to claim that a digital asset is an actual coin or token. That said, the different use-cases that have made PNT (pNetwork and Eidoo’s native token) and their cryptos, pBTC and pLTC, popular have garnered substantial evidence.

Bridges of Value

pTokens bridges allow cross-chain connections and associate 1:1 the value of homonymous cryptocurrencies, such as those of Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).

How does pNetwork make this happen? pLTC and pBTC are minted when the funds in LTC or BTC are locked onto their native chains, respectively. These pTokens can then be staked in a pool to gain rewards while keeping the initial value of BTC or LTC. The liquidity pools you can participate in with pTokens (pBTC and pLTC) offer different staking and liquidity options in Eidoo’s app via Uniswap, Curve.fi, and more. The locked value can be redeemed at any time.

pLTC and pBTC tokens are available on various decentralized exchanges such as Bitfinex, 1inchExchange, Bancor, Dex.ag, dMEX, Eidoo wallet (pNetwork’s reference wallet), Loopring, Kyber Network, and Paraswap.

Our users are already familiar with some of the use-cases that pLTC and pBTC have, such as making payments with BTC and LTC, making them a great alternative to activate different options in DeFi.

And this integration is now going a step further. Keep reading.

Utility at Work

At first glance, you may consider that pTokens are an inexpensive way to have your funds sheltered in the value of BTC and LTC, essentially, in a different chain. And that’s completely true.

However, at Eidoo, we have expanded the utility of these assets in ways that benefit you with endless possibilities.

eidooCARD holders can use their pLTC and pBTC tokens to make purchases directly with the card. No need to go back to fiat.

To use these assets for payments, you simply need to send them from your Eidoo wallet to the Loopring address associated with your eidooCARD. They are then added to the funds available on your card.

Similar to fiat currencies, whose value is supported by the number of trades that use them as means of exchange, the value of PNT tokens is strengthened by expanding the use-cases of pTokens. By employing pNetwork assets, its ecosystem will grow more robust overall.

pTokens deposit Eidoo wallet

Adding these assets to the current portfolio of the Eidoo card broadens the range of uses and possibilities to move with more ease between TradFi and DeFi transactions, and earn rewards for your crypto positions.

This added value is quite easy to realize. You just need to make good use of your Eidoo wallet and order your eidooCARD now or get one from the website.

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