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How to Move Between eidooCARD Tiers

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

how to move between eidooCARD tiers

You probably still remember how excited you were when you received your Basic eidooCARD—the first Layer 2 crypto debit card on the market. At the same time, you probably didn’t realize the extent to which it (as one of the foremost crypto cashback cards) could light up everything it touched with your cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Users are familiar with the severe restrictions that spending crypto poses on a regular basis, so when you finally got to make that first purchase with your crypto card, a new world of possibilities opened. After all, a crypto debit card is a shiny new resource in the financial system of tomorrow.

This world expands even more when you get rewarded in crypto cashback for purchases made with your eidooCARD. As a rule, single purchases need to be worth 300+EUR/GBP (depending on your location and its currency) for you to be able to accumulate crypto cashback, but the reward percentage you receive depends on the chosen card option.

This is a good incentive to upgrade your crypto card tier to receive more benefits. It's only logical—everyone loves cashback, right? Especially one that you can spend directly with your crypto card.

So, how can you upgrade your card tier to get better rewards?

Level Up Your Finances

As you know, to be able to order some tiers of eidooCARD, you need to stake a certain amount of PNT in the pNetwork DAO depending on the tier you are applying for.

eidooCARD crypto cashback tiers

However, many users get started with the Basic eidooCARD since nothing else but passing the EidooID level 2 is required. By nothing else we mean to say that we have temporarily suspended PNT burning to order the Basic eidooCARD. With this tier, users receive a 21% yield on their PNT staking from active participation in the pNetwork DAO and 1% crypto cashback (DeFiback) on qualifying in-store and online purchases.

Side note—EidooID is our own identity verification process, also known as KYC (know your customer), that all financial institutions need to carry out in accordance with industry regulations. The EidooID Level 2 verification also allows you to invest fiat money up to 500,000 CHF via Eidoo wallet.

It is also possible to acquire a crypto card tier higher than Basic if you already have a higher amount of PNT staked in the pNetwork DAO. For example, if you have 3,000 PNT staked, but are using Basic eidooCARD, your stake gives you the possibility to just upgrade it to the Basic+ card level through Eidoo wallet and enjoy 4% crypto cashback.

If you don’t have a higher amount of PNT staked in the pNetwork DAO already, you can still change your crypto card tiers by going to the eidooCARD section in your Eidoo wallet and requesting a card upgrade directly. This will offer you the possibility to up your stake in the DAO on the spot to the amount necessary for ordering the eidooCARD tier you want.

As already said, staking more PNT offers the possibility to choose a higher crypto card tier — and get more from using eidooCARD as your go-to means of payment. By staking 10,000 PNT, 25,000 PNT or 200,000 PNT users receive crypto cashback up to 8%, 12%, or 16%, respectively, in addition to other perks such as becoming eligible to get a DragonPass for airport lounge access at no extra cost.

Getting the Best Comes Easy

Accessing higher tiers doesn’t need to be done step by step. You can simply switch from Basic to any other tier right there in your Eidoo wallet as long as the previous amount of crypto card staking is already invested. This step is automatic and does not require any authorization other than the user making sure the amount of staking is enough for the tier’s requirement.

eidooCARDs - Basic, Purple, Black

Here at Eidoo, we want to offer you the best crypto benefits and easy-to-access services with our eidooCARD. Upgrading your card tier is simple and straightforward, with rewards convenient for everyone.

Haven't you got it yet? Order your eidooCARD now and discover a new way to earn more by receiving cashback in crypto.

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