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Introducing the Eidoo Expert Program

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Introducing the Eidoo Expert Program

Community is the pillar of the Eidoo ecosystem. Your needs are our inspirations: for this reason, we have decided to integrate the community within our team through the Eidoo

Expert program!

Eidoo Experts are passionate members of the Eidoo community that support the Eidoo platform in various ways, such as promoting the Eidoo ecosystem, providing feedback to improve Eidoo offerings, and assisting the Eidoo user base with questions and concerns.

Eidoo wants to focus on creating the best possible customer experience and Experts play a major role in bridging Eidoo with all of its users around the globe.

The Eidoo Expert is the most rewarded brand ambassador in the Crypto market. Perks include:

- An additional cashback on the eidooCARD

- Generous prizes in cryptocurrencies

- Exclusive airdrops reserved to Eidoo’s employees

- Clothes and gadget branded Eidoo, to spread Eidoo everywhere in the world

- Participation at Blockchain and Crypto events, to improve the knowledge and to be an Eidoo representative.

Are you ready to join the Eidoo revolution?

Apply now here!

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