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Order eidooCARD in 3 Easy Steps

order eidooCARD in 3 easy steps

It costs you nothing and gives you immediate and scandalous benefits. Yes, eidooCARD sounds too good to be true — to some. And yet it's right there. Knowing how to get one is the only thing that can stand between you and amazing crypto card benefits. A problem we're going to solve right now.

Used to dealing with disconnected financial systems and the difficulty of making transactions from DeFi to CeFi, you are probably startled by the possibility of owning a card that allows you to spend crypto in your daily life as easily as if it were fiat.

eidooCARD not only lets you spend your crypto however you want but it also earns you crypto card rewards through perks and our industry-first crypto cashback system.

If you’re intrigued by this information, you’ll be excited to hear that getting an eidooCARD is simpler than ever.

Before we tell you how to get your card, let’s start by mentioning that this service is currently available only to residents of the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Verification Levels at Eidoo

EidooID is the KYC procedure we use to verify our user identity. This procedure is the same you will need to go through in order to apply for any other crypto debit card or fiat card.

At Eidoo, we have three levels of verification that need to be completed depending on the services you want to acquire. Each level requires different personal data subject to GDPR. Naturally.

The different tiers will give you access to higher fiat investment levels once the verification is completed.

  • Tier 1 KYC verification allows you to invest up to 5,000 CHF in fiat per year.

  • Tier 2 KYC verification will increase the investment limit up to 500,000 CHF per year and give you the option to order an eidooCARD.

  • Tier 3 KYC verification grants unlimited fiat investment.

Step 1: Verify Yourself

For level 1 you need to upload photos of the front and back of your ID card or a valid passport. For level 2 — the one you need to apply for an Eidoo debit card — you are asked to provide a bank statement or utility bill issued in your name recently to prove your residency.

Usually, you can follow the verification process anytime by going to the “more” menu>identification.

eidoo wallet menu 1

If you don’t have completed already your KYC the process to request a new card will include this procedure for your convenience.

eidoo wallet menu 2

You will be asked to create an EidooID account to verify yourself on level 1. This is where you need to upload photos of your national ID card.

Here you also need to provide a mailing address where you can eventually receive your Eidoo card.

Eidoo ID page

You will receive an email once the information has been verified and it’s then when you can log back into the eidooCARD section of the wallet and move to level 2.

In this step, you need to provide a bank statement or utility bill with the same address you indicated previously.

Eidoo ID verification

If everything is correct, both levels 1 and 2 take about one day to be completed. You will receive an email notifying you that the verification has been successful.

Eidoo ID tier 2 verified

Step 2: Order Your eidooCARD

Now that you’re verified on level 2, you can order your card with one click.

Go to the crypto card wallet section in the Eidoo wallet and order the card that suits your needs best. As you order the card, you will be displayed a list of cards that are available to you according to the amount of PNT you have staked in the pNetwork DAO.

Once you have completed the request for your new card only two steps are left to have it fully operative: card activation and Loopring account activation.

eidooCARD complete KYC

Be aware that you can easily upgrade the type of card at any moment, by simply increasing the amount of PNT staked and upgrading your eidooCARD tier.

Step 3: Activate Your Card

After receiving your Eidoo card you can proceed to activate the card in the app. It will require an OTP code check with your mobile phone and providing the CVV code that comes with the card. It takes no time.

insert CVV

The second activation needed is the one on the account that links your wallet and your card, the Loopring address. This step will ask to send a transaction from your wallet. This first deposit will serve as the activation of your card’s wallet.

eidooCARD settings

Once done you can start using your card on payments and ATMs. And regarding ATMs, you may want to know first how to find your pin code!

Just check it on the card configuration menu (top right corner).

eidooCARD setting options

Keep in mind that to go through the PIN code procedure you will need to pass an OTP check with an SMS to your mobile.

From there, it's all plain sailing. You pay with the card and the card gives you rewards in PNT, DOUGH and RAI tokens for it.

Isn’t it the perfect solution for you? Stop getting lost in transactions and order your eidooCARD now!

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