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Spend, Save, and Earn with Eidoo to Expand your DeFi Journey

After three years of delivering innovative products and services at breakneck speed, we’re celebrating our birthday and reflecting on our milestones! The success of Eidoo can be attributed only to our excellent team and their ethos. Eidoo is a Swiss company formed by a group of professionals. We have a shared goal: to improve how people manage their assets, invest, and participate in the blockchain economy. The wallet started as a light mobile wallet for Android and iOS devices, and in 2018 the desktop app was released, followed by the hybrid exchange integration in January 2019.

Eidoo is the key to becoming part of a new movement of financially savvy and forward-thinking users.

Our vision is to innovate the relationship between people and the crypto-world. That's why we provide a secure and simple service that gives back transparency and full control over customers' financial assets.

How does this happen, and what does this mean for the user?

EIDOO is like a Swiss army knife with many tools in one place.

EIDOO is the perfect segway into mainstream banking, purchasing, and investments on blockchain and in crypto, and DeFi. Firstly the wallet is effortless to use, and the app has a user-friendly interface; it supports cryptocurrencies like LTC, BTC, ETH, and "all Ethereum-based tokens, such as ERC-20 and ERC-223.

Secondly, outside of the multi-currency wallets, a feature called Token Recognition means Eidoo automatically recognizes the most famous ERC-20 tokens (name, logo, symbol, and fiat counter value are displayed) and if it doesn’t then users are free to insert new, unrecognized tokens with the "Force token enrollment" function.

To use Eidoo wallet, the user simply installs it and generates a new seed, no registration is needed. The wallet can be used anonymously for deposits, swaps, and transfers of cryptocurrencies. You will have to go through the usual steps to set up your wallet; ensure you set a strong password and safeguard your passphrase. Security is of the utmost importance to us. We use deep encryption techniques and because the wallet is entirely non-custodial if you lose your seed and you cannot access the wallet anymore from any device, which means you won't be able to recover your funds again.

With the password set, users can begin to send and receive tokens right away, and they can unlock more features once they have created their wallet with eidooID. This is the registration/identity verification service needed to use the advanced features of the wallet, like cash-in and cash-out with fiat. And those who confirm tier 2 verification can take advantage of exciting offers like ordering an eidooCARD, a DeFi Visa debit card.

The only way is forward. The only direction is up!

And that is why we have made sure that our users can take advantage of all that DeFi has to offer through our DeFi exchange. The DeFi exchange is a gateway to the top DeFi projects with integrations that enable users to lend and earn interest without ever leaving their Eidoo app staying in absolute control of your funds.

Eidoo has ever-expanding options and applications.

This year, as part of our third anniversary, we are taking things to the next level and opening up the world of crypto to a broader audience. We aim to make things even easier and more user-friendly for current wallet users and those new to decentralized finance, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, with the introduction of eidooCARD.

This new DeFi powered Visa debit card, bridges the innovative world of digital currencies with the traditional economy. Cardholders can spend their digital currencies online, in stores, or even withdraw at ATMs – all while receiving unique perks and rewards. You can even enjoy up to 5% crypto cashback depending on the card you choose. Each card – whether Basic, VIP, or Black – has different reward structures.

Additionally, the card will include a Loopring integration, a layer-2 solution for Ethereum blockchain, which will mitigate the typical costs of transactions and justify the smaller, more frequent kinds of payments, like those made by the card, ensuring also high trade speeds.

The eidooCARD is a win-win.

"Eidoo Card is non-custodial and designed so users maintain full control over their crypto at all times. It's designed for the DeFi economy and with financial autonomy built-in. We also want to ensure Eidoo Card offers an unparalleled crypto experience, making it even more accessible, enjoyable, and global."
Thomas Bertani, the CEO of Eidoo

That’s not all!

Shortly we are looking at launching multi-account level support for the app. All your addresses in one app, along with the promise of putting in place a Virtual IBAN. These two new features, the launch of the card and the Loopring integration, are so exciting for us and we hope you enjoy the level of ease and usability that they will enable.. Without you, we could not keep on keeping on. Thank you for the last three years and we hope you will order your card soon and enjoy the ease and flexibility it brings!

Follow us on our journey here and join our community on Telegram.

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