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The Eidoo Expert Program is Live!

The Eidoo Expert Program Is Live!

The much-anticipated Eidoo Expert Program has kicked off with four experts from the Eidoo community to represent the entire community both within the Eidoo ecosystem and externally at blockchain and crypto events.

The program was designed to create a bridge between our team and Eidoo’s large user base, and it promises to live up to its expectations of fostering unhindered communication across the Eidoo community and DeFi ecosystem.

We started the build-up journey for the Eidoo Expert Program with a selection process that commenced in September 2021, involving applicants from everywhere around the globe.

After the vetting process, two experts from Italy, one from Belgium, and one from Australia were selected, bringing the total to four. Here are the most relevant things to know about the program and how it will impact the Eidoo ecosystem.

The Role of Eidoo Experts

As the name suggests, the Eidoo Expert Program works with crypto experts, well-versed in the operations and nature of both the Eidoo platform and the blockchain industry overall.

Experts Are Eidoo Brand Ambassadors

Among the responsibilities of an Eidoo Expert is to function as an Eidoo brand ambassador, wherever they may be.

To begin with, ambassadors are meant to foster inclusiveness. This is why we made sure that the selection process was open to all and sundry across the globe.

Likewise, experts will serve as brand ambassadors of the eidooCARD, one of the world’s leading debit crypto cards, and that means they will represent the Eidoo community in various events, too.

Offer Community Support for Users

While we offer premium support to our customers, we must admit that not all of you may want to find support through the stipulated channels.

At other times, responses do not come at the speed of light as you’d like. In these situations, you can rest assured that Eidoo Experts will be available to answer your questions whenever they are free.

Be aware—Eidoo Experts are not customer support agents. By being cryptocurrency experts, they have sheer insights into some of the questions you may have regarding DeFi in general and Eidoo’s contribution to the space.

Provide Feedback to the Eidoo Team

Experts have been active members of the Eidoo community and understand the workings of the ecosystem. Their sustained interaction with our products can provide tangible feedback to our team.

They understand users’ pain points and know the areas we need to improve on in our offerings. So, in addition to receiving feedback from you, we look up to them for more organized and recurrent updates on how to fulfill users’ needs.

Benefits for Community Members

One of the benefits community members can accrue from our crypto experts is direct communication with them through available social media platforms.

This is valuable because it creates a system to not only communicate your thoughts and ideas directly to the leadership of the Eidoo ecosystem but to also stay involved in the happenings in the ecosystem.

Perks of Being Eidoo Experts

In addition to the publicity that comes with this designation, Eidoo Experts also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Additional cashback when they perform transactions using eidooCARD

  • Generous cryptocurrency rewards

  • Exclusive airdrops reserved for Eidoo’s employees

  • Eidoo-branded clothes and gadgets

  • Participation at blockchain and crypto events to gain knowledge about the Web3 space and expertise to represent Eidoo effectively at all times

You can connect with our Eidoo Experts via their respective social media handles and use the opportunity to get more involved in the Eidoo community. Download the Eidoo multicurrency wallet now to manage your digital assets securely.

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