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We'll Never PM You First — Here's Where You Can Reach Us!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Eidoo Will Never PM You First — Here's Where You Can Reach Us!

As a platform where you keep money, we take the responsibility of maintaining your trust very seriously. That's why we’ve made ourselves available to our users on several platforms and communication channels and want to make it clear you can always reach us there.

Here we tell you all about Eidoo.

Eidoo is a Swiss company registered as Eidoo SAGL. Our headquarters are located in the alpine town of Lugano on the shores of the lake of the same name.

Bella Lugano, vero?

We also have a branch in the European Union registered in Lithuania as Eidoo Lithuania, UAB.

Eidoo Lithuania
Source: Turizmogidas

We are a team of professionals who want to bring the blockchain-based economy closer by improving management and investing in crypto assets. That’s why we didn’t stop with creating Eidoo wallet.

We are not interested in doing things like everyone else but innovating the relationship people have with the crypto world. Eidoo is simple, secure, and full of control.

We want to be as close to you as we can, so we’ve implemented several channels of communication. This way, you can keep up with news and be in contact with the rest of the community.

Through Telegram, we have three channels enabled:

Eidoo Official Communications Channel Telegram

The Eidoo Official Communications Channel is where we keep our community up to date. Here, you can meet people from all over the world that share your interest in crypto and the Eidoo ecosystem.

We use this channel to announce all news about the company, product updates, and their development. If you don't want to miss any of the new features we are working on, this is a channel you’ll want to join.

Eidoo Official Worldwide Chat Telegram

Eidoo Official Worldwide Chat is our Telegram channel for the community. The channel is in English to be closer to as many people as possible.

But if your language is Italian, we also have a channel where you can connect with the growing Italian-speaking community. The Italian community is one of the biggest using Eidoo, so make sure you are around the next time Italy wins the Eurocup. You can find it in the Eidoo Chat Ufficiale Italiana.

As you may see in our Telegram groups, we try to create a positive group so that everyone can feel welcome and free to post their comments. This statement is actually valid for all-out Telegram channels and social media in general.

In addition to these more immediate channels, we also have several active social media accounts that you can follow.

Eidoo Twitter Profile

With over 22,000 followers, our Twitter account has gathered a huge community around our communications. We make sure to update our followers frequently, as we have been doing since March 2017. As the great social network that it is, in Eidoo, we couldn't miss being part of it because it helps us reach a wider audience and make it easier for our users to share our content and releases.

Then on Reddit we also have a channel. This social network is very useful for keeping in touch and interacting with those users who are not fans of instant messaging and prefer something more asynchronous. It is a very useful tool to keep track of the questions and interests raised by the community. It's also a great place to find out more about using our platform.

If you're more of a Facebook person, we have an account there too. Our page with more than 22,000 followers is a great place to get informed but also to learn with our educational content and stay up to date on DeFi concepts with our blog articles or our help page. Subscribe and show your friends how to use cryptos painlessly.

Our most corporate profile couldn't be anywhere else but Linkedin, of course. Our presence here is more oriented to advertise ourselves as a company to the world. Here, you can find information about the team behind your favorite wallet and where we have our offices. In addition to the announcements we make on this social network, we also publish something that might interest you a lot: Job opportunities! Feel free to connect with us if you want to stay up to date.

Our Youtube channel has been a bit parked lately. Anyway, it is still a handy tool to find features of the services provided by Eidoo and especially tutorials to know everything you need to know to get the most out of your wallet.

Last but not least, something you probably already know. Our website is the medium that we strive to keep up to date. As you also know, on Eidoo’s website you can get all the information about our products, project’s journey, and DeFi use cases.

Whatever type of user you are and whatever your favorite channels, always know this — we will not PM you first, but you can reach us anytime!

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